Tocher Phadraig

This ancient chariot road ran from the royal seat of Rathcrogan in County Roscommon as far as Cruachan Aigle, where the High Kings of Ireland went to worship their pagan gods.

Around the year 600 St Patrick brought new teachings to the area, but, as was often the way, the old pagan practices were adapted for Christian usage having been first cleansed of anything incompatible with Christian teaching.

Patrick is said to have walked this route on his way to Croagh Patrick (Patrick’s Stack). His followers soon took to following that same route on their way to what became their idea of a holy mountain.

Today, pilgrims can still follow St Patrick’s Causeway, which is considered by many to be the route that Patrick walked.

While this may or may not be true, close to Loona More we find what is widely accepted to be a short section of the original chariot road.

Most of this route has been lost to land reclamation. The last remaining short stretch has recently been fenced to provide protection from livestock.