Silverweed ~~~

  • Irish name: Briosclán

  • Scientific name: Potentilla Anserina

The general name potentilla comes from latin adjective poten, meaning powerful, and anserina, meaning goose because the geese liked them. Silverweed is very common in Ireland. It has tender root stocks and was eaten in the Hebrides in ties of scarcity. The leaves are covered in a silky white down which gives it a silvery look, hence its name silverweed. They bloom from May through to October. Cattle, horses, pigs and goats eat it but not sheep. It is rich in Vitamin C. Traditionally Silverweed had various medicinal uses. It was used as a gargle for sore throat and as a remedy for stomach cramps. It was also used as an eye wash. It would not be advisable to try out any of the remedies without proper medical advice.