Common Knapweed

  • Irish name: Mínscoth ( also known as Mullach Dubh)

  • Scientific name: Centaurea Nigra

The name of Knapweed plant is taken from Norse , meaning bud or knob. The common Knapweed Grows up to 1 meter in height. The leaves lower leaves are stalked while the upper leaves are not. The common Knapweed produces purple flowers that resemble paintbrushes and thistles. The seeds which look like parachutes are carried by the wind and dispersed far and wide. The flowers are an indispensable source of nectar and pollen for bumblebees and honey bees. It is one the top 5 plants for pollen and nectar. Butterflies like large skipper, meadow brown, small heath, painted lady, peacock, red admiral, small copper and small skipper. The lime-speck pug moth also relies on the knapweed as a food source. It is a good food source for Goldfinches as well.