• Irish name: Eidhneán

  • Scientific name: Hedera Hibernia

The ivy is an evergreen plant that tends to climb over trees, cliffs and walls, and on the ground. It has dark green leaves and the more mature leaves are heart shaped. It is a very common and ide spread pla plant. The ivy bears flowers from September to November. Thereafter it bears fruit which when ripe turn purple black. The birds, especially the wood pigeon and thrush, gorge themselves on the berries. During the Spring, birds seek out ivy as a good place to nest in. Many of the smaller birds seek shelter in them throughout the year. In Autumn ivy is the most important foodplant of the Holly blue butterfly. It is also the overwintering site of the brimstone butterfly, which takes shelter under the leaves. In Irish folklore medicine, the leaf was heated and applied on a corn on a person’s foot, to relieve pain. It was also a symbol of fidelity. The wedding floral bouquet was interlaced with ivy.