Herb Robert

  • Irish name: Ruthéal rí

  • Scientific name: Geranium Robertianum

Local names that people use for this plant: Red Robin, fox geranium, stinking Bob, crow’s foot. Herb Robert is a small erect plant that grows up to 50 centimeters high. It has small five petalled pink flowers. It is also called Stinky Bob due to its unpleasant odour. The stems are red, hence the name Red Robin. It grows in damp and waste ground and common around Ireland. It flowers from April through to October. Herb Robert is fairly common around Ireland. In years past, people would have used this plant for medicinal purposes. They used it internally for diarrhea, gastrointestinal infection, peptic ulcers, haemorrhage and inflammation of the uterus. Externally, it was used for skin eruptions, wounds, inflamed gums and throat infections. It wouldn’t be recommended to try any of these remedies unless it was well researched, just in case of adverse effects. A tea can be made from the dried leaves.