Guesdian Graveyard

Guesdian Graveyard is located along the road passing through Guesdian. In the graveyard are the remains of the Kilbrenan Church along with several headstones dating from the 19th and 20th century. The earliest date from any of the stone in the graveyard is 1846. Many burial sites within Guesdian Graveyard are marked with Celtic Crosses. The Celtic cross, which incorporates both Pagan sun as well as the Christian cross, visually represents the blended, rather then conquered symbolism of the two traditions.


Guesdian Castle

The remains of Guesdian Castle can be seen atop the hill while standing in Guesdian Graveyard. The opposite side of the castle ruin, which cannot be seen from the trail, is the shape of a great arch. The castle stands 20ft wide inside. The castle is said to have originally been rectangular, however today only the remains of the east and west walls are standing connected by the remains of the roof. Guesdian castle was a Burke castle, and in 1574, it was occupied by Riocard an Iarainn, legendarily known as Iron Dick. He was the husband of the famous pirate queen Grainne Uaille (Grace O Malley) and the father of Tiobóid na Long, who was shot by his own brother in law and now buried in Ballintubber Abbey.