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Nature on the Trail

Explore the plants, animals and geology to be found on the trail!


  • Irish name: Bachran
  • Scientific name: Menyanthes Trifoliata

The Bogbean is found in shallow water, fens and bogs, and hence its name. The flowers are star-shaped and generally have five petals. The leaves are tri-foliate. When in bloom, the Bogbean is eye-catching because of its soft frilly looking white flowers.

The bogbean fruit resembles a small bean. Its leaves were used in folk medicine for rheumatism, loss of appetite and upset stomach. It is used for flavouring in food manufacturing.


Bog Asphodel

  • Irish name: Sciollan na mona
  • Scientific name: Ossifragum

Bog asphodel is found on damp peaty soils. The leaves are narrow and grow in a flattened fan shape around the stem. The flowers which appear in June to August, are Sulphur- yellow and star shaped. When the plants start seeding, they turn a deep orange. Many pollinating insects are attracted to the flowers. These plants are fairly common in Irish peatland.